Incident site on border with Armenia is sovereign territory of Azerbaijan: Prosecutor General’s Office (VIDEO)

The site where an Azerbaijani serviceman was wounded as a result of the fire opened by Armenian armed forces at the Lachin border checkpoint on Thursday, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan said in a statement, News.Az reports.

“As previously reported, on June 15 at around 08:00, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, once again, while carrying out their terrorist-diversion-provocative acts, opened fire from firearms of various calibers on the servicemen of the State Border Service who were on duty in the area and stationed at the border control point Lachin located at the starting point of the Lachin-Khankendi road. As a result, ensign, Sergeant Elshan Rustamov, sustained a gunshot wound,” the statement said.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the incident site was inspected by the prosecution staff, the traces of the crime were documented, and material evidence was seized.

“It was determined that as a result of the mentioned criminal acts by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, damage was inflicted on the control point, and the operational regime of the post was disrupted due to this act of sabotage.

The victim, Elshan Rustamov, was immediately evacuated to a medical facility, underwent surgery, and a medical examination. After stabilizing his condition, he will be interrogated,” said the statement.

Forensic traceological, criminalistic, and other expert examinations were appointed regarding the material evidence seized in the criminal case.

The Prosecutor General’s Office declared that the incident site, located in the village of Gulyabird, Lachin district of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is sovereign territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan without exception.

“The implementation of all necessary measures to identify and hold accountable the individuals responsible will be ensured,” the Prosecutor General’s Office added.


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