Inter-religious tolerance in Azerbaijan ‘well-known to everyone’: Political scientist

The report on religious freedom in Azerbaijan issued by the US in the first days of 2024 is biased and unwelcome, political scientist Zaur Mammadov told News.Az.

The political scientist noted that inter-religious tolerance and the peaceful co-existence of representatives of different religions in Azerbaijan are well-known to everyone. “Therefore, such a biased report by the US raises serious questions,” he said.

“It is noteworthy to mention that the section related to Azerbaijan in the report, which influenced the Department of State’s decision, was authored by Danielle Saroyan Ashbahian, an ethnic Armenian. Ashbahian serves as the Chief of Public Affairs at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, overseeing Communications and Congressional Relations. The matter here is already clear,” Mammadov added.

The political scientist pointed out that Azerbaijan has managed to build such a society where all religions and beliefs are respected.

“Some forces in the world are currently striving to spread extremism in Muslim countries and expand their terrorist networks. Such forces stand against strong stability in Azerbaijan. Given the policy of religious extremism in Azerbaijan over the past three years, everyone knows well which countries extremist groups and spy networks have been exposed and arrested in Azerbaijan,” he added.

Mammadov also underscored the need to pay attention to the fact that Armenia is a mono-ethnic state.

“Why do not some international organizations mention in their reports the inter-religious intolerance prevailing in Armenia, where neo-Nazi rallies are held and related videos were published on social media? Thus, when comparing Azerbaijan and Armenia, such an attitude is unacceptable,” the political scientist added.


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