International community should strongly condemn so-called “presidential elections” in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh - Parliament Chair

The so-called “presidential elections” organized by Armenia in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan represent another blatant violation of Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity. This provocative move also constitutes a severe breach of the Azerbaijani Constitution, legislation, and, moreover, international legal norms and principles, the Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Sahiba Gafarova, stated during her meeting with the President of the Bulgarian National Assembly, Rosen Jelyazkov, reports.

According to Gafarova, all members of the international community, in accordance with their obligations under international law, should duly appreciate this act directed against Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity, raise their voices against aggressive separatism, and strongly condemn the mentioned illegal activities.

The Speaker of the National Assembly also pointed out during the meeting that Armenia's false and baseless claims about the “blockade” and “humanitarian crisis” directly target Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity. She emphasized that un-demarcated borders and military incursions continue in the Karabakh region, with Armenia providing technical, military, and financial support to 10,000 illegally stationed armed forces on the Azerbaijani territory, thereby undermining previously reached agreements and the normalization process. The sole aim of Armenia is to perpetuate separatism within Azerbaijani territory by all possible means.

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