Int'l conference discussed deportations suffered by Western Azerbaijanis

An international conference was organized in an online format with the joint organization of the Baku International Multiculturalism Center and the Western Azerbaijan Community, reports.

More than 70 researchers and specialists from Romania, Brazil, Georgia, Germany, Türkiye, Afghanistan, Russia, USA, India, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, participants of International Multiculturalism Winter and Summer schools, as well as students of foreign universities where the subject of multiculturalism is taught, attended the conference.

At the online event, Ulviyya Zulfikar, spokesperson of the Western Azerbaijan Community, delivered a report on "Right of return: humanitarian legal aspects".

Ulviyya Zulfikar first talked about the right of return at the international level and the population groups to which this right applies.

She spoke in detail about Western Azerbaijan and the events that happened to Azerbaijanis there in the last 200 years and informed about the deportations of Western Azerbaijanis by Armenia four times in the last century and the mass massacres that took place at that time.

It was pointed out that Western Azerbaijanis have the right to return to their homes based on the right of return mentioned in international law, and the Concept of Return of the Western Azerbaijani Community, which includes all aspects related to this, has been published as an official document of the UN. 

Spokesperson U. Zulfikar emphasized that Community is accepted as a legal representative of Western Azerbaijanis in the international world, and mutual contacts with international organizations continue. 

She noted that the safe and dignified return of Western Azerbaijanis to their homes is their basic right.

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