Iran in no rush to investigate terrorist attack on Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tehran – lawmaker

Iran is in no rush to investigate a terrorist attack committed against Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran on January 27, Arzu Naghiyev, a member of the Azerbaijani Milli Majlis, told News.Az. 

The lawmaker said that Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev touched upon an important point regarding Iran during the Munich Security Conference. 

"If Iran favors the implementation of its neighborhood policy in the future, the orderers and perpetrators of the terrorist attack on the Azerbaijani embassy, as well as those directly responsible for this incident, must be identified, and the investigation must be conducted thoroughly,” he noted. 

MP Naghiyev underlined that the terrorist attack was pre-planned and directed against the Azerbaijani embassy. 

"Therefore, President Ilham Aliyev noted that after these issues are investigated in detail and concrete facts are presented, it is possible to talk about solving any problem with Iran. Unfortunately, Iran is in no rush to investigate these issues,” the lawmaker added.  

On January 27, 2023, at around 8:30 am Baku time, a terrorist attack was committed on Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Iran. 

The terrorist destroyed the guard post with a Kalashnikov automatic weapon and killed the head of the security service. Two security guards of the embassy were also wounded while preventing the attack.


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