Iran ‘not safe’ for foreign nationals, including Azerbaijanis - political scientist

Iran is currently recognized as a dangerous geography and is not safe for foreigners, including Azerbaijani nationals, Zaur Mammadov, Chairman of the Baku Club of Political Scientists, told News.Az.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday issued a travel warning, recommending the country’s citizens not to visit the Islamic republic due to the unstable situation there and the recent terrorist attack against Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran.

According to the political scientist, over the past years, the Iranian state, having misused the visits of Azerbaijanis to this country for various reasons, manipulated the weak-willed ones and attracted them to collaboration with special services.

“In recent days, Azerbaijan’s law enforcement authorities have been conducting special operations against an Iranian spy network in the country. Iran has created spy networks against Azerbaijan inside the country, as well as both in Azerbaijan and foreign countries. We are well aware that there are attempts in some countries, especially in Iran, to attract Azerbaijanis to their spy networks,” he said.

Mammadov noted that even after a few days passed since the terrorist attack on Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran, Iranian authorities still fail to explain the main reasons for the attack. The political scientist said he does not believe that the terrorist attack will be investigated thoroughly by Iran.

Mammadov emphasized that after the 44-day Patriotic War, all Iranian authorities, including their networks abroad, have declared “war” against Azerbaijan.

“We’ve witnessed numerous anti-Azerbaijani statements. Territorial claims to Azerbaijan and calling the Republic of Azerbaijan a “Baku state” are issues that went beyond a limit,” he said.

“On the one hand, Iranian officials talk about neighborly and friendly relations, but the essence of the events shows that they have plans to invade Azerbaijan in the future,” Mammadov added.

The political scientist stressed that the political and religious authorities in Iran are known worldwide as an ‘outdated police government’.

According to the political scientist, Iran needs to significantly alter its policy towards the South Caucasus.

“The policy pursued by Iran over the past 30 years, especially in the last two years, is unacceptable. This policy, first of all, will not bring good results for Iran itself,” he said.

Mammadov stressed that Azerbaijan expects Iran to take an adequate position regarding the recent terrorist attack.

“Azerbaijan has a rich history and wide historical geography. Of course, Azerbaijan uses these resources in its foreign and domestic policies. Iran’s groundless statements will not be acceptable to both northern and southern Azerbaijanis. Such a move by Tehran is likely to aggravate relations between Iran and Azerbaijan,” he concluded.


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