Iranian regime tried to infiltrate its recruited people in Azerbaijan's mosques, official says

The Iranian regime tried to infiltrate its recruited people into the mosques of Azerbaijan, Mubariz Gurbanli, Chairman of the State Committee of Azerbaijan for Work with Religious Associations, told journalists on Thursday, News.Az reports.

Gurbanli noted that after the transfer of the appointment powers in a mosque to the committee, about 120 people who were educated in Azerbaijan and capable of representing the interests of the Azerbaijani state were appointed, and 118 religious figures were dismissed.

According to him, some of the dismissed persons didn’t even have a religious education.

"The Iranian regime seeks to preach religion under the guise of ideology and politics, to spread its model of the state religion to Azerbaijan and other neighboring countries,” the official noted.

“To carry out propaganda in Azerbaijan, Iran also conducted campaigns through social networks. Large-scale work has been done to prevent and combat such destructive activities," Gurbanli added.

Recently, the Interior Ministry, State Security Service and Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan have conducted joint special complex operational activities to prevent criminal acts of a group of persons recruited by Iranian special services through religious propaganda.


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