Japan earthquake death toll rises to 180

The number of victims of a series of powerful earthquakes that struck Japan near the Noto Peninsula on the coast of the Sea of Japan has risen to 180, according to the data published by the authorities of Ishikawa Prefecture, News.Az reports citing TASS. 

Earlier, 168 people were reported dead. At least 120 people are listed as missing: emergency services cannot contact them to confirm their whereabouts. The number of injured is 565. About 28,000 residents of the areas affected by the earthquakes remain in evacuation centers.

The greatest damage was caused to Ishikawa Prefecture where more than 250 houses were destroyed, and fires destroyed about 300 buildings. The region continues to experience power and water shortages and fuel shortages.

More than 850 earthquakes of different strength have already occurred in Japan since January 1. The magnitude of the worst was 7.6. The threat of tsunami for the entire western coast of the country remained for more than 20 hours. The earthquake is the most powerful in this part of Japan since 1885. Seismologists warn that aftershocks will continue for about a week. There is a risk of more powerful earthquakes with magnitudes above 7.


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