Jewish community in multicultural Azerbaijan - Mountain Jews  (ANALYTICS)

Azerbaijan is a multicultural country with a rich history of diverse ethnic and religious communities coexisting within its borders. The population of Azerbaijan is composed of various ethnic groups, including Azerbaijanis, Jews, Lezgins, Talysh, Avars, Russians, and others.

Jewish community in multicultural Azerbaijan is an integral part of the country's diverse social fabric. Azerbaijan prides itself on its tradition of multiculturalism and religious tolerance, and the Jewish community plays an important role in this context.

Historically, Azerbaijan was home to several Jewish communities, including the Mountain Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, and Georgian Jews.

Mountain Jews, also known as Juhuro, have a significant presence in Azerbaijan. They have a distinct history and culture that sets them apart from other Jewish communities. They are primarily concentrated in the mountainous regions of Azerbaijan, particularly in the cities of Quba, Qusar, and Baku. The term "Mountain Jews" refers to their historical residence in the mountainous areas of Azerbaijan and neighboring regions.

Religiously, the Mountain Jews follow Judaism, specifically the Sephardic tradition. They observe Jewish holidays, maintain synagogues, and conduct religious ceremonies in accordance with their traditions. The synagogues serve as community centers and places of worship for the Mountain Jewish community.

Azerbaijan has a long history of religious tolerance, and the government actively supports and protects the rights of the Mountain Jewish community. Government supports and promotes the preservation of Jewish cultural heritage. Jewish holidays and celebrations are recognized and respected, and cultural events and exhibitions related to Jewish traditions and history are organized. Today, the Jewish community in Azerbaijan is estimated to be around 20,000 people. There are 7 Jewish synagogues, 2 secondary schools, 1 college, 3 kindergartens and the Jewish Home in Azerbaijan. There is also a Jewish cultural center in Baku, which serves as a hub for various community activities.

Relations between Azerbaijan and Israel have been relatively positive. The two countries have diplomatic relations, and there have been cultural, economic, and scientific exchanges between them.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife Michal Herzog have recently visited Azerbaijan, and meet with Mauntain Jews in red settlement.

"I feel with all my heart that the people of Azerbaijan and the government treat the Jews more than friends, like brothers" said Israeli President.

Overall, while the Jewish community in Azerbaijan may be relatively small in size, it continues to maintain its cultural identity and actively participates in the country's social fabric. The Azerbaijani government's commitment to religious freedom and cultural diversity has created an environment where the Jewish community can thrive and contribute to the multicultural tapestry of Azerbaijan.

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