“Justice has prevailed,” Azerbaijani ambassador hails Paris court’s decision

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to France Leyla Abdullayeva has hailed the decision of the Paris court against the person who attacked the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris in 2022.

“Justice has prevailed! The person who attacked the Azerbaijani embassy in France was sentenced to 6 months of suspended liberty and a decision was made to compensate for the damage. Let's celebrate the triumph of justice and condemn the aggressive actions," Ambassador Abdullayeva tweeted.

To recall, On September 18, 2022, Armenian radicals attempted to attack the Azerbaijani embassy in Paris, as a result of which the embassy building was damaged.

On June 23, the Paris court held hearings on the case of Loris Tufanyan, a member of the Armenian Charjoum movement functioning in France, who attacked the building of the diplomatic mission during an unauthorized action held last year in front of the Azerbaijani embassy in Paris. Tufanyan was sentenced to six months of suspended arrest and fined by the decision of the court.


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