Kaspar's case: Special Services, Diamonds and Blood

Haqqin.az has published an article by the author Eynulla Fatullayev headlined 'Kaspar's case: Special Services, Diamonds and Blood'. News.Az presents the translated version of the article.

In the Karabakh war, Azerbaijan is faced with a more formidable, cunning and monstrous enemy than a fleeting and contrived state entity called the Republic of Armenia.

Azerbaijan is confronted by a widely branched, skilfully structured and deeply conspiratorial world-wide Armenians, numbering almost a hundred-year history.

The world Armenians and their constituent part - the third Republic of Armenia - are constantly transforming and mimicking the changes in the rules of the world order and the system of geopolitical coordinates, making all efforts to implement the Armenian national idea and the geostrategic concept expressed in the modern historical period in the expansion and strengthening of the Armenian statehood in the Caucasus at the expense of territories of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

If necessary, representatives of Armenianism take on the Mauser and the bomb, when necessary, they have a pen with ink, time comes and they are take the highest stands of the West and Russia.

The  data commission, created on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the "Armenian genocide" and continuing the mission of the "American Committee for Independent Armenia" and the "Delegation of the Republic", is still the driving force behind the implementation of this treacherous concept, concealed in the format of the so-called "long-suffering Armenian people".

Karampetian comes from behind the scene

In recent years, the European office of Ai Dat in the person of the head of the "European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy" Kaspar Karampetyan is showing great activity.

We more than once described in detail the ramified network of Russian Armenians with its pernicious influence on the Russian world, the "Eastern policy" of the Kremlin, attempts to bring discord into the backbone geopolitical triangle Baku-Moscow-Ankara ... But today we will talk about the European wing of the world Armenians, in particular, we will try to reveal the true role of one of the main shadow players of the world Armenians, Kaspar Karampetyan.

Although this name does not mean anything for wider audience, with the exception, perhaps, of his constant trips to Karabakh, frequent meetings with the leaders of the Karabakh separatists, consultations with the leaders of the Dashnaktsutyun and the collection of money for the "regime of Bako Sahakyan", Karampetian plays an important, if not to say, the dominant role in efforts to legitimize the occupation regime in European political salons.

As Karampetian himself admitted on his page in social networks, he managed to collect 3 million 800 thousand euros to support militant separatism only in a night gala dinner in Brussels last year.

Kaspar Karampetian

The mysterious conspirator Karampetian is behind the scenes. Perhaps, therefore, despite the high status in the diaspora, there is almost no information about him for the public. He avoids journalists, confines himself to dry and stereotyped statements about the eternal issye. His personal life, as well as information about his family, are also kept secret. There is nothing significant about Karapetyan in Wikipedia, too.

However, we managed to find out very interesting details of the past life, as well as the current ebullient activity of the head of Ai Dat. Karapetyan himself is still stubbornly silent about this.

A Greek citizen with an Armenian passport, 70-year-old Kaspar Karampetian chose Brussels, the center of European politics, as a platform for his activities not only for considerations of a purely Armenian issue, but also for his narrow-minded business interests.

Karampetian is a narrow-minded chauvinist, an ardent dashnak who, from his youthful years, took an active part in extremist Greek and Armenian organizations. He spent his youth in the citadel of Armenian terrorism - Beirut. Apparently, the origins of his close relationship with the terrorist organization "ASALA", which after the depopulization of terrorism and changes in the rules of the world order (by the way, about the mimicry of Armenianism) suddenly disappeared from the political proscenium. So, the respectable politician of the European scale, Karampetian was once associated with the bomb-throwers from the Middle East wilderness. Although his passion for the Middle East over the years was not lost. Karampetian often appears in the countries of the Middle East region and Pakistan with a deliberately pretentious demonstration of the protection of the rights of local Christians.

Karampetian is doing his best, vainly forming the image of a devout person. He erects khachkars in Romania, flashes around with clergymen in Serbia and even rushes to the knees in front of the altar at the socle of the Armenian church of occupied Shusha. But he is not the same kind of besserel as he is trying to look and how he appears before the throne of the Catholicos.

Shimmering Diamonds in Bloody Mud

Once, in the years of a forgotten youth in Greece, Karampetian was engaged in shuttle trade. And later in Belgium he bought jewelry shops. Clean, shimmering expensive pebbles are only a visible part of the dirty business of the European dashnak. In addition to the bloody Armenian issue, Karampetian created an extensive and equally bloody network of "diamond business". From conflict regions of Africa, he smuggled into Belgium the oblong colored diamonds, which are then faceted. So the diamond becomes as shiny as the Armenian issue. And then the diamonds are certified according to the thoroughly worked out corruption scheme and go to the shelves of the branded boutiques in Europe.

However, from the purity of the shiny stones we turn to Karampetian's bloody mud. One of the mysterious characters of the European wing of Armenianism sends a greater share of the proceeds from his business to support the occupation regime in Karabakh, the financing of radical Armenian organizations and terrorist groups. With this money, Karampetian creates a "European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy," which acts in conjunction with Armenia's foreign intelligence.

The Karampetian Federation is a subdivision of the organization of the Yerevan-based "Armenian Cause Central Council".

Traces of Karampetian's bloody mud lead from the offices of influential European officials and deputies to the battlefields in Karabakh.

Fresh example

On March 15, 2017, in the fashionable restaurant Le Bartholdi Pub in Strasbourg Karampetian gathers  many famous European deputies at the exquisite table. A little later they all appear in the zone of the regime of the Armenian occupation army, welcoming the separatist leaders. It was Karampetian who accompanied all European deputies and Belgian politicians who visited Karabakh. Representatives of the Belgian Parliament Andre de Bust de Varnath, Emanuel de Bock and Pierre Company arrive in Khankendi. And Karampetian breathes them in the back of their head.

Later, Senator Joris Pochet arrives. And next to him in the photo is again Karampetian's photo.

Pete de Bruyn, for some reason, immediately after the April war, resorts to a very desperate step: the cautious European just rides up to Talish village, which is actually controlled by both Azerbaijani and Armenian soldiers. But this MP is also accompanied by Karampetian.

How does Karampetian conquer European politicians and deputies? After all Frank Engel, Jaromir Shtetin, Eleni Teoharus, Charles Tennok, Peter Omtzikht and many others were caught in Kaspar Karampetian's net. Of course, an ordinary dashnak is not an evil genius, and not even a devil who buys souls. Karampetian together with the Armenian special services skillfully arranges traps, into which the European deputies fall.

Necklace, Tatev and a gay

Eleni Teoharus was gifted an expensive necklace and a prize with a gold bar, beautiful girl Tatev Manukyan was presented to Frank Engel, gay Karen Ohajanian was presented to gay Peter Omtzikht  ... The glitter of gold, the brilliance of diamonds, the dirty lust of orgies and passions - that's what fallen angels of European politicians find in Yerevan and Karabakh. And all this, of course, occurs under the satanic eye of the Armenian special services. Everything is documented, everything is recorded. And put together in the archive. The choice is made, there is no way back. The entrance to the system is one ruble, and the exit is two.

And this old, thoroughly worked methodology of recruiting Europeans for decades, if not centuries, caused Azerbaijan's headache within the European Parliament: "political technology of bloody mud" helped to unite a whole pro-Armenian group of lobbyists in Strasbourg and Brussels. The group is entirely focused on criticizing the governments of Azerbaijan and Turkey, calling for denunciation and disrupting oil and gas and transport and communication projects, legitimizing the occupation regime and organizing a lookout for separatist Karabakh ...

And the Kurds were brought by Kaspar

And, finally, about the last mission of the many-sided Kaspar Karampetian. Azerbaijan succeeded in revealing that Karampetian has the direct link to the process of settlement of Kurdish militants in Karabakh and Armenia. Several months ago, the head of the International Association Against Unreasonable Claims (ASIMDER) operating in Turkey, Geksel Gulbay, in an interview with the influential Turkish newspaper Milliyet, openly announced the activities of the terrorist PKK (the so-called Kurdistan Workers Party) in the territories occupied by Armenia: "In addition to Armenia, which serves a transit point for replenishing the ranks of the PKK with mercenaries from Europe, Iran, Iraq and Syria, Kurdish terrorists began to use the territory of Georgia. Having renewed the activities of their camps in Armenia, PKK ensures young people arriving from Turkey. The camps operate in Gyumri, Spitak, Yerevan and in the occupied Lachin and Kalbajar. The greatest support to PKK in Armenia is provided by the Dashnaktsutyun and Hay Dat."

Perhaps, to the foreign expert community, Gulbay's statement will seem biased and implausible. However, literally in unison with Gulbay, another prominent representative of the Russian Armenians, Semyon Bagdasarov, made a statement. Look what he said during the Moscow-Yerevan video bridge: "Invite the Kurdish leaders to Stepanakert (occupied Khankendi - ed.), let them see how to fight the enemy, many times superior in manpower and technology. Let them see how to use combat tunnels that provide direct access to enemy's rear and flanks." Bagdasarov pointed the way to the Yerevan authorities - to invite and resettle the Kurdish rebels from Turkey and Syria.

It is difficult to imagine how much Baghdasarov is informed about the mission of Dashnaktsutyun and Ai Dat and, in particular, Karampetian himself on the resettlement of Kurdish rebels in Karabakh. However, I repeat, Azerbaijan has such information! ..

Kaspar Karampetian is just a single example from a broad-based and multi-level system of world Armenians. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of influential people around the world, united in one vicious circle on the principle of blood and revenge, are deploying a propaganda and political machine against Azerbaijan. How to stop this machine? How to counteract? How to break? Let's think and break!


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