Kazakhstan’s largest political party wins majority control over parliament

Kazakhstan’s largest political party Amanat (Ancestors’ Legacy) has won 62 out of 98 seats in the Majilis (country’s parliament) following voting on party lists and single-member districts in the March 19 elections, Deputy Chairman of Kazakhstan’s Central Election Commission (CEC) Konstantin Petrov said at a briefing on Monday, News.Az reports citing TASS. 

"Twenty-two elected candidates were nominated by the Amanat Party, with seven being self-nominated," the official said, replying to a question about the Majilis delegates elected in single-member districts. Earlier, Kazakhstan’s CEC head Nurlan Abdirov said that Amanat would win 40 of the 69 seats in the new Majilis determined by voting on party lists. Thus, overall, Amanat will get 62 seats in the parliament’s lower chamber.

The snap elections to the parliament’s lower chamber followed a mixed electoral system: 70% of delegates (69 people) were chosen according to party lists and 30% (29 people) were selected in the single-member districts.

Amanat garnered 53.9% of the vote, the People’s Party of Kazakhstan received 6.8% (5 seats), the Aq Jol (Bright Path) Democratic Party - 8.41% (6 seats), the Auyl (Village) People's Patriotic Democratic Party - 10.9% (8 seats), the Respublica Party - 6.59% (6 seats) and the opposition Nationwide Social Democratic Party - 5.2% (4 seats).

The Baytaq Green Party of Kazakhstan has not surpassed the voting threshold, garnering 2.3%. Some 3.9% of the voters voted against all candidates. The election turnout was 54.21%.


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