Kocharyan is terrible national-fascist! How could you say that?! - Gagik Ohanjanyan on Baku Network (VIDEO)

The Baku Network expert platform aired an interview with Gagik Ohanjanyan, a candidate for technical sciences, writer, and professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, News.Az reports citing Trend. 

In particular, he touched upon the topic of the so-called incompatibility of the Azerbaijani and Armenian peoples, an idea promoted by former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan.

"Robert Kocharyan is a terrible national fascist. How can you talk like this about people with whom yesterday there were still brotherly relations? We are doomed to start talking, maybe apologizing or discussing. Without realizing it, we have slipped into the Middle Ages, when we started destroying towns, villages, and monuments. As for what Robert Kocharyan said about the incompatibility of Armenians and Azerbaijanis, I still can't understand what kind of sick person you have to be to say such a thing when you live there. I lived in Garabagh for 17 years and communicated with people. How can one be zombified by this false patriotism? It is stupidity. But after Kocharyan became president, everyone saw that he was a fool who could be used," Ohanjanyan said.


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