Master class organized for press service heads (PHOTO)

With the support of the Heydar Aliyev Center, the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the ADA University, and with the technical assistance of MAS LLC, the Media Analysis Center launched another master class for heads of the press services of state institutions, non-governmental and other organizations, News.Az reports. 

Jamala Aliyeva, an employee of the Department for Work with NGOs and Communication at the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, said the master class is aimed at contributing to the ongoing media and communication reforms in the country, promoting the development of the field of communication in a modern dynamic environment and further improving the knowledge and skills of those in charge of communication.

Yunis Orujov, a senior specialist at the Media Analysis Center, in his speech, said that the main purpose of the international training organized by the Center for the next time is to constantly improve the professional skills of the heads of press services and increase efficiency in this field. “During the training, participants will join discussions and participate in sessions on developing social media initiatives. I am sure that the information provided in today's training will be very useful for them,” he added.

Ahmad Ismayilov, Executive Director of the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MEDIA), said the main goal of organizing the training is to improve and develop the professional skills of those in charge of public relations, to study the latest trends and best practices in the field of communication, to ensure effective communication and to enhance the interaction between government and non-governmental organizations and the public. Ismayilov noted that the analysis and study of the communication policy of institutions and organizations, the research of successful models, and the identification of useful methodological mechanisms and techniques are of great importance in terms of increasing the efficiency of PR managers’ activities.

The Media Analysis Center closely cooperates with international organizations, given the importance of improving and developing the professional skills of local media representatives, especially heads of press services, and the need to increase the efficiency of this area. The master class, which is organized for the second time under this cooperation, will be conducted by Barney Jones, a Professor of Journalism at the City, University of London, Vice President of the Media Society and House of Commons media consultant, as well as by Toby Orr, an experienced communication and marketing specialist in global campaign management and complex issues solution.

The three-day training, which will feature various sessions, will take place on May 3-5 at ADA University. Various professional discussions will through interviews, as well as practical sessions on developing social media initiatives will be held.

It is worth noting that the main goal of holding the master class is to further improve the work of press service heads, to adapt their activities to modern communication systems and to ensure transparency.


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