Measures taken to arrange meeting with Azerbaijani student arrested in Iran: Foreign Ministry

A note has been sent to the Iranian Embassy in Baku to clarify the situation with Farid Safarli since the day the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry received the information about him, i.e. on March 9.

Aykhan Hajizade, spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry, made the statement while commenting on the information that citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a student of the University of Jena in Germany Farid Gabil oglu Safarli (born in 1997), who went to Iran on February 20 and contact with whom was broken on March 4, was arrested in Iran on espionage charges.

“After our numerous appeals, the Iranian side responded to our note by announcing the arrest of Farid Safarli and the initiation of criminal proceedings against him. Farid Safarli's family has been informed of this,” Hajizada said.

“Despite the limitation of work of the Azerbaijani diplomatic mission in Iran after the well-known terrorist incident, from the first day of reports about Farid Safarli, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our Consulate General in Tabriz are negotiating with relevant Iranian bodies.

In addition, regular contact is maintained with Farid Safarli's family and himself. Azerbaijan's Consulate General in Tabriz is making arrangements for a meeting with Farid Safarli in the near future,” the spokesperson added.


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