Meghrasar gold deposit poses big threat to ecology of Azerbaijan - Public Association

The Meghrasar gold deposit in Armenia poses a big threat to the ecology, water resources and atmosphere of Azerbaijan,  said Amin Mammadov, Deputy Chairman of the "Water Use Specialists" Public Association.

He made the remarks while speaking during the presentation of the report on space monitoring of extractive fields on the territory of Armenia, prepared and presented by the NGO coalition "Environmental Protection First" in cooperation with AzerCosmos, News.Az reports.

“The Meghrasar gold deposit is located 5 kilometers northeast of the villages of Litchq and Tashtun, in the Zangezur region, 27 kilometers from the border of Azerbaijan. The river flowing next to the gold deposit flows into the Okhchuchay River after 5 kilometers, and from here, after 75 kilometers, its waters are connected with the Araz River on the territory of our republic,” Mammadov said.

“The dust carried from the territory of this mine and the chemicals used in the processing process pose a great threat to both water resources and the atmospheric air of Azerbaijan,” he added.


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