Mexican media highlights Armenia’s military provocations against Azerbaijan

Reforma, a leading Mexican newspaper, published an interview with Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Mexico Mammad Talibov regarding the large-scale military provocations committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan in September this year, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Mexico told News.Az.

In the interview, the ambassador said Azerbaijan has liberated its territories from the Armenian occupation. He noted that despite the trilateral statement of November 2020, Armenia continued its criminal acts, and Armenian armed forces fired intensively on the Azerbaijan Army's positions on the night of September 12, 2022, and mined the areas between those positions.

“In order to suppress the Armenian provocations, retaliatory measures were taken by the Azerbaijani Army and more than 70 Azerbaijani soldiers were martyred during the prevention of these provocations,” he said.

The article also noted that under the trilateral statement signed between Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia in November 2020, Russian peacekeeping forces were deployed on the territory of Azerbaijan. “However, contrary to the statement, Armenia did not withdraw its armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan and continued to mine those territories. Azerbaijan has taken appropriate steps to normalize relations with Armenia and establish a transport corridor, but Armenia is delaying this process with various excuses.”

Talibov also stressed that Azerbaijan is currently a very important partner for Europe, and in this regard, the Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Partnership in the field of energy was signed with the European Union.

The ambassador said that during the already-resolved conflict, Mexico always supported the territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries in accordance with the principles of international law, and the fair position and solidarity demonstrated by Mexico in this matter was praised by the Azerbaijani government.


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