Minsk Group showed its mediocrity even in the issue of prisoner exchange - political analyst

The return of Azerbaijani hostages is an important result showing that the victorious actions of the Azerbaijani army have changed the geopolitical realities, Azerbaijani political analyst Ilgar Velizade told News.Az.

He stressed that during the negotiation process Azerbaijan had offered for years to exchange prisoners on the principle "all for all", but the Armenian side was not ready to fulfill these conditions.

"It is worth mentioning here that the OSCE Minsk Group showed its mediocrity and incompetence even in this humanitarian issue. And if the Azerbaijani soldiers had not defeated the Armenian army, all those prisoners, in particular, Shahbaz Guliyev and Dilgam Asgarov, would still be hostages of the Armenian side," he said.

According to him, the policy pursued by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev played a decisive role in this case.

"The cases of Shahbaz Guliyev and Dilgam Asgarov were never brought down to a lower level, but always kept in the field of view of the international community. The president has personally raised this issue many times. This shows that Azerbaijan does not abandon its own people and there are no trifles for us in such matters. And of course, this suggests that our state is able to stand up for its citizens."


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