Netherlands allocates aid package worth €274 million to Ukraine

On Monday, the Dutch government announced the first comprehensive aid package for Ukraine in 2023, totalling €274 million, News.Az reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

The €274 million aid package is part of the €2.5 billion reserved by the Dutch government to support Ukraine through 2023.

Of this amount, €180 million is earmarked for humanitarian aid, agriculture and restoration, and the remaining €94 million is for non-lethal support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the fight against impunity and the preservation of cultural heritage.

In particular, €20 million from the "humanitarian part" of the package will go to humanitarian aid, €10 million to mental health and psychosocial support, and the same amount to mine clearance of agricultural lands.

Separately, €40 million will be spent on the purchase of seeds and equipment for Ukrainian agriculture, and another €100 million will be spent on the restoration of hospitals, health care system, energy supply, housing construction and infrastructure.

As for the rest of the aid package, €75 million will be used to strengthen cooperation between Ukraine and NATO, and €14 million will be used to create a Register of Damage Caused by Russia's Military Actions in The Hague and to facilitate the investigation of war crimes in Ukraine.

Another €5 million will be spent on "protecting and preserving the culture that defines Ukrainian identity".


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