North Korea resumes diplomatic activity after three years of pandemic

North Korea is resuming contact with other nations and is preparing to rotate its envoys abroad for the first time since suspending almost all diplomatic travel in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday, citing its sources.

According to them, North Korean officials recently made trips to Vladivostok and Beijing. Also, China's new ambassador to the DPRK, Wang Yajun, arrived in Pyongyang on Monday.

Diplomats and analysts from Asian countries believe that the renewed ties will help improve mutual understanding with North Korea amid concerns about its nuclear program and ever more frequent missile tests, the newspaper noted.

The DPRK has embassies in over 45 countries and, before the coronavirus pandemic, there were diplomats from more than 20 countries, including Russia, China, the UK, Germany and Sweden in Pyongyang. Most of them, however, left the country in the first months of 2020, since it closed its borders in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading in the country.


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