Nurit Greenger: Armenian vandalism on territory of Azerbaijan ‘beyond comprehension’

The scale of Armenian vandalism on the territory of Azerbaijan is beyond comprehension, Nurit Greenger, the founder of the US-Azerbaijan Cultural Foundation, told journalists in Shusha, the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, News.Az reports.

Greenger noted that Armenia left a completely devastated and destroyed region, which needs to be restored literally from scratch.

“The Armenian vandalism is beyond comprehension. The landmine signs are very disturbing, and the fact that you can’t just walk anywhere is very disturbing. I don’t like to see the destruction. I thought they wanted to build a country here, I don’t see any signs of building, all I saw is destruction and disrespect for the culture, the religion, the mosques, and the churches, they left a totally desolated land that needs to be rebuilt from the beginning,” she added.

Greenger stressed that the Azerbaijani government’s efforts to build the roads, to build the airport at such a fast pace are very impressive.  


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