OIC stresses need for strict measures against Islamophobia

There is a need to take strict measures against Islamophobia, Ambassador Ismat Jahan, OIC Permanent Observer to the European Union, said on Wednesday.

She made the remarks while speaking at a plenary session on the topic “Islamophobia: Europe and national legislation” held as part of an international conference themed "Islamophobia as a specific form of racism and discrimination: New Global and transnational challenges", News.Az reports.

“In many countries, some believe that Muslims are terrorists. This is not the right approach, but at the same time, such thinking leads to violence,” the ambassador said.

Speaking about the rise of Islamophobia in Europe, Jahan stressed that Europe needs to be educated about Islam, as only education can help fight intolerance and promote respect.

"The UN resolution adopted in 2022 by public voting was designed to promote mutual understanding, respect, and tolerance. Its main objective was to advocate for awareness of Islam in particular, and Muslims in total," the ambassador said.

She noted that Islamophobia is a global phenomenon that is not limited to Western countries. Anti-Muslim sentiment also exists in the East, for example in India.

The ambassador added that, as a result of Islamophobia, Muslims in European countries are excluded from the main areas of life, such as education.


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