Parisian Court issues verdict on Armenian attack on Azerbaijani embassy

A Paris court has handed down a verdict in the case of the Armenian individual who attacked the Azerbaijani embassy in France, reports.

On September 18, 2022, there was an attempted attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Paris by radical Armenian representatives. This resulted in damage to the embassy building. Subsequently, evidence pertaining to the attack was presented to the local court, seeking punishment for the main organizer and all participants involved. During the court proceedings, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan was represented by the law firm Lexlor.

Loris Tufanyan, a member of the Charjoum Armenian movement, was found guilty and sentenced to six months of suspended imprisonment. Additionally, Tufanyan is required to pay a fine.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan strongly condemns such attacks on diplomatic missions and urges local law enforcement to enhance security measures in accordance with the Vienna Convention of 1961. The court's decision is seen as a significant step towards justice and deterring similar incidents in the future.

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