Presence of Armenian military units is a threat to peace process – Political scientist

Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defense for several weeks, has been regularly releasing video footages. These video footages were related to illegal transportation of military goods from Armenia to Khankendi by Armenian military units in the mountainous part of Karabakh,” Political scientist Zaur Mammadov told

Political scientist noted that for several days, Armenians were aiming to transport illegal goods by lying new road asphalting dirt road in Lachin region. "In such a case, Azerbaijani army should have acted. Last operations carried out by Azerbaijani army took place after warning. Fact that operation was carried out smoothly and accurately, without losses, showed that Azerbaijan is a supporter of peace. There are thousands of Armenian military units in mountainous part of Karabakh. Their presence harms peace process in the South Caucasus. It is known that Azerbaijan tries its best to enter into a dialogue with Armenians in Khankendi and integrate them into state of Azerbaijan. Most recently, an appeal was made at level of presidential administration, and Armenians in Karabakh were invited to Baku for a meeting. But their patrons in Armenia hindered their meeting.”

“Illegal Armenian military units regularly hide behind peacekeepers and shoot at Azerbaijani army. In tripartite statement, Armenian military units were to leave region when Russian peacekeepers arrived in the region. But this statement has been violated for more than 2 years,” he said.

“Not even a single Armenian armed person should remain there. Peace process should be implemented only through diplomatic negotiations. Presence of Armenian military units is a threat to peace process. Armenian military units there, fire at civilian population and army of Azerbaijan, showing that situation is unstable and that they are against conclusion of peace agreement.” 

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