A new era is beginning for Azerbaijan’s military industry, at the same time, it will be an export-oriented industry: President

“A new era is beginning for Azerbaijan’s military industry. At the same time, it will be an export-oriented industry”, said President Ilham Aliyev in his interview with local TV channels, News.Az reports. 

“First of all, we must meet our own needs to the maximum. I am sure that several of the planned enterprises will already start production this year. On the other hand, we currently sell military products to more than 30 countries. There is a shortage in the world’s arms market. Because Russia has practically left the world arms market. Now Russia's military industry works for its own domestic needs. America has actually directed its military products to Ukraine, and so has European countries. Other well-known players have virtually left this market, which means it remains vacant. But there is a great need for it. This is why we have to fill this market,” the head of state said.

"I believe that we can be an exporter of military products worth hundreds of millions of dollars. In other words, we aim for this and will move towards this goal. Of course, this will further expand the geopolitical opportunities of our country. Look – natural resources, a strong army, a strong economy, a united nation, civil solidarity, and the military-industrial complex. Who can stand before us?” President Ilham Aliyev emphasized.


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