President Ilham Aliyev congratulates people of Azerbaijan on Novruz holiday

President Ilham Aliyev has congratulated the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Novruz holiday.

The congratulatory message reads:

“Dear compatriots!

I cordially congratulate you on Novruz holiday and wish you good health and happiness.

Having deep roots in the Azerbaijani land, Novruz occupies a worthy place in the treasury of cultural values of our people. This folk holiday, which is a complete embodiment of the rich inner world and the optimistic worldview of our ancestors, has penetrated into the deepest layers of our existence over the centuries, contributed to the formation of national self-consciousness, turning into a bearer of higher values. It has always brought people together around a single morality.

In the fateful moments of our history, we preserved our faith in the future also thanks to the spiritual strength bestowed by the Spring Festival. At a time when the wave of globalization has swept the world, we value the traditions of Novruz and keep them in all their diversity, which is an expression of our respect for our centuries-old cultural heritage.

In an upbeat spring mood multiplied by our brilliant Victory, we are currently carrying out large-scale and swift restoration and creative work on our lands, which have been free for the second year now. The holiday with the aroma of spring inspires us to work with even greater enthusiasm and improve these native lands, which are breathing the air of freedom, and return them to their former peaceful life.

On these holidays, I gratefully honor the memory of our brave sons who gave their lives for the territorial integrity of our Motherland. I convey congratulations to the Azerbaijani soldiers who are bravely defending our country.

I am convinced that our compatriots abroad are seeing the spring in together with us in the light of the ideology of Azerbaijanism, which will further strengthen their feelings of attachment to their native land.

Ahead of us is the solution of important tasks of national importance. I believe that all of us, in solidarity, with enthusiasm and in harmony with the renewing atmosphere of spring, will demonstrate the desire to build and create, successfully implementing our plans for a great return to Karabakh.

I wish you all the best in spring. May this joyful holiday bring a lot of joy, abundance and prosperity to every home and every hearth!”


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