President: It was Azerbaijan, which offered to start talking about a peace agreement

Thirty years of occupation did not give Armenia any advantage. On the contrary, they have been isolated from the regional development. They lost the chance to become the really independent country, not formally but in fact, said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the 4th international conference on “Shaping the Geopolitics of the Greater Eurasia: from Past to Present to Future” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in Shusha, News.Az reports. 

“They are looking now for the new master or masters. But the history, the recent history should teach them a lesson. So, we hope that they will understand it. In my communications with the Armenian counterpart, I tried to explain that a peace treaty, first of all, is in their interest, opening of communications is in their interest. They will be able to have access to different markets. And of course, it will be beneficial for us, because we want this chapter to be closed. And actually if you follow the chronology of statements and events, you will see that it was Azerbaijan, which offered to start talking about a peace agreement,” the head of state noted.


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