Professionalism of commandos increasing: MoD (VIDEO)

In accordance with the combat readiness plan of the Land Forces, training exercises are conducted with the personnel of the Operations (Commando) military units, the Ministry of Defense told News.Az.

The commandos were assigned to neutralize the imaginary enemy grouping preparing for a provocation according to the exercises plan.

Redeploying in areas with rugged terrain using tracked snowmobiles, recently adopted into the armament, operatives carried out tactical activities to identify, besiege and neutralize sabotage-intelligence groups of illegal armed formations violating the state border.

The main objective of the exercises is to improve commandos` skills on using special equipment, developing skiing skills to move, as well as the skillful use of camouflage measures in accordance with the terrain and weather conditions taking into account combat experience gained in the Patriotic War.


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