Prosecutor to demand punishment for Armenian criminal Vagif Khachatryan today, verdict is expected

Another court hearing of the criminal case against Vagif Cherkezovich Khachatryan, one of the members of the illegal Armenian armed formations, which committed a massacre in the village of Meshali of Azerbaijan’s Khojaly district on December 22, 1991, will be held in Baku today, reports.

A judge of the Baku Military Court Zeynal Aghayev will chair the court hearing.

Today, the prosecutor will demand punishment for the accused. Later, the lawyer will make a defense speech, and Vagif Khachatrayan will have the last word in court.

Note that, Khachatryan Vagif Cherkezovich, an Armenian citizen, who is internationally wanted in connection with the Meshali genocide, was detained at the Lachin border checkpoint in July of this year.

The criminal gang he is a member of killed 25 Azerbaijanis, injured 14 people, and displaced 358 Azerbaijanis from their legal place of residence in Meshali village of Khojaly district, in December.

He was charged with articles 103 (Genocide - killing members of any national, ethnic, racial or religious group with the aim of destroying it in whole or in part as a group, seriously harming the health of group members or seriously harming their mental capacity) and 107 (Deportation or forced relocation of the population - evicting the population from their legal locations to other countries or displacing them with other forced actions) of the Criminal Code, and a pretrial detention measure was chosen.

59 people were recognized as victims in the case.

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