Putin: 2 million Russians receive both doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Both doses of a vaccine against the coronavirus have been administered to 2 mln Russians, while 2 mln more have received the first component of the preparation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with participants in the national mutual assistance campaign We Are Together on Thursday, TASS reports.

"To date, over 2 mln people received two components of a vaccine, got shots. And approximately the same number, slightly less, also more than 2 mln [people] got the first shot," the head of state said.

He stressed that inoculation is the main direction in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the production of such preparations will grow. Putin said that domestic vaccines against the coronavirus are the best worldwide. "Indeed, there is something to be proud of, meaning that our vaccine (Sputnik V) and vaccines (two other preparations registered in Russia) are the safest and the most effective worldwide," the president said.


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