Recent attempted sabotage by Armenian army proves Yerevan’s hypocritical policy – military expert

The sabotage attempt made by the Armenian armed forces in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Goranboy district on August 23 once again proves Yerevan’s hypocritical policy, military expert Shair Ramaldanov told News.Az.

The Armenian side claims that its military officer taken prisoner by Azerbaijan was simply lost, the expert said.

He noted that after the recent attempted provocation by Armenia in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district along the two countries’ border failed, the occupant country tried to destabilize the situation on the contact line.

“You understand that all the signs of sabotage are clear. The time that was chosen, deep night - in the early morning, as well as weather conditions (bad weather conditions, the first unexpected snow fell in the conflict zone) give a clear picture of the fact that this was another attempted sabotage by the Armenian side. It is clear that at four or five o'clock in the morning a soldier or officer cannot get lost in the direction of enemy positions. This is not a time to get lost, but a favorable time to commit sabotage. They simply hoped that at this time the vigilance of our soldiers at the posts would be dulled. But in vain,” Ramaldanov said.

The military expert accused Armenia of attempting to aggravate situation on the contact line of troops.

“In July, they [Armenians] did not succeed at the Tovuz section of the state border. Thanks to the technical equipment of monitoring and reconnaissance means, the Azerbaijani armed forces control the entire situation on the line of contact. And those sabotage attacks that the enemy tried or plans to carry out receive a worthy rebuff. This will be another lesson for them. The Azerbaijani army will continue to decisively suppress all enemy provocations,” he concluded.

On August 23 at about 05:45, a sabotage-reconnaissance group of the Armenian armed forces made an attempt to commit a provocation in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Goranboy district along the front, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense reported.

As a result of the resolute actions taken by the Azerbaijani army’s units stationed in this direction, the enemy was forced to retreat after suffering losses. During the battle, the commander of the Armenian sabotage group, according to the initial interrogation, First Lieutenant Gurgin Alberyan was taken prisoner.


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