Registration for “Native Language – Azerbaijani School” starts

The Association of Young Teachers of Azerbaijan is launching a significant project for our compatriots living abroad.

Registration for “Native Language – Azerbaijani School” (“Ana dili - Azərbaycan Məktəbi”) starts, News.Az reports.

The school will provide an opportunity for distance learning in Azerbaijani for compatriots from different age groups (younger age group 6-10 years old; middle age group 11-13 years old; senior age group 14-18 years old) living outside Azerbaijan.

Individuals wishing to participate in the project will have the opportunity to join online Azerbaijani language classes in groups appropriate to their age and language level, as well as time zone. After passing the test for determining the level of language proficiency, an applicant will join the classes in the appropriate group.

Classes will be held by experienced professionals online through a virtual learning platform two to three times a week according to a predetermined schedule (schedule) based on an interactive learning method.

Online classes under the 2023-2024 school year program will begin on September 15 this year.

Those who successfully complete the program will be presented with certificates of knowledge of the Azerbaijani language of appropriate levels.

Registration will be available through the platform until July 12, 2023.


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