RIA Novosti deletes interview causing dissatisfaction in Azerbaijan

Russia's RIA Novosti news agency has deleted a scandalous interview with Artak Beglaryan, the so-called "minister" of an illegal entity on the territory of Azerbaijan, News.Az reports.

Azerbaijan has curtailed access to the RIA Novosti online information resource after the interview was originally posted.

On June 4, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Digital Development and Transport stressed that limiting access to the Internet information resources in case of posting information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in the Republic of Azerbaijan, is regulated by the Law 'On information and protection of information'.

According to the Law, in the event of a threat to the legally protected interests of the state and society, access to the Internet information resource or its corresponding part is limited by the decision of the relevant executive authority.

"The dissemination of defamatory and separatist information by RIA Novosti directed against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is a violation of the requirements of the Law 'On information and protection of information'. Thus, Azerbaijan has restricted access to the Internet resource of this news agency in its territory, on the basis of the relevant Law," the ministry stated.


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