Rights and security of Armenian residents of Karabakh ‘internal affairs’ of Azerbaijan: Political scientist

Nikol Pashinyan is one of the politicians known for his contradictory stance, and it has become the Armenian premier’s habit to refute his opinions after a while, Matin Mammadli, an Azerbaijani political scientist, told News.Az.

According to the political scientist, the remarks voiced by Pashinyan at a briefing on Tuesday and during his interview with the French newspaper Le Monde contradict each other.

Mammadli noted that the Azerbaijani state always favors an approach to all issues from the standpoint of the country’s laws.

“Our position is that our Armenian citizens in Karabakh can be granted the same rights as other ethnic minorities living in the country. The Constitution of Azerbaijan envisages granting rights to ethnic minorities. Of course, these rights can be given to Armenians living in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region. Azerbaijan has never shied away from this position. There should be no outside interference in this process,” he said.

The political scientist emphasized that the rights and security of Armenian residents of Karabakh are Azerbaijan’s internal affairs.

“Any state, including Armenia, should not interfere in this matter. By promoting the issue of rights and freedom of the Armenians in Karabakh, they actually reveal their other goals. This approach is unacceptable,” Mammadli added.


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