Russian president signs law establishing arrest for violation of martial law

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law establishing fines and administrative arrest for up to 30 days for violating martial law, reports.

In accordance with the law "On martial law", federal laws and other regulations of Russia, administrative arrest for up to 30 days will be imposed against citizens who violate the above norms, if their actions aren't criminally punishable.

Administrative arrest for the same term is also envisaged for officials.

The law comes into force from the moment of its official publication.

According to the law "On martial law" in the territories where it's declared, such measures as strengthening the protection of public order; restriction of entry and exit, movement of the vehicle, inspection of the vehicle; prohibition of strikes and rallies; forced resettlement; introduction of military censorship - both messages and telephone conversations; a ban on the presence of citizens on the streets and in other public places at certain times of the day; and others may be applied.

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