Russia's investigative committee says Il-76 plane crash result of missiles fired by Patriot system

Russia's Investigative Committee on Thursday announced that its investigation into the military plane crash in the country’s Belgorod region last week concluded that the plane was “downed” by missiles fired by a Patriot air defense system, News.Az reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

“According to the conclusion of the examinations carried out during the investigation, the fragments seized from the scene of the incident … are structural elements of the MIM-104A anti-aircraft guided missile of the US Patriot complex,” said a statement on Telegram.

The statement said examinations at the crash site had revealed 116 fragments of hulls and mechanisms of two missiles with “inscriptions and markings” in English 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) northeast and 4.8 km (2.9 mi) southeast of the area.

It also said that, during the examinations, traces of hexogen with “impurities of up to 10% octogen" were found in “washouts from objects,” which it described as “typical for foreign-made explosives.”

Ukrainian authorities have yet to comment on the statement.

On Feb. 24, Russia’s Defense Ministry accused Ukraine of shooting down a plane carrying 65 captured Ukrainian servicemen for a prisoner exchange.


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