Secretary General: Middle Corridor is continuation of new Silk Way

"Middle Corridor is a continuation of the new Silk Way," said Secretary-General of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route association (TITR) Gaidar Abdikerimov, reports.

"Everyone thinks that the Middle Corridor was established to compete with Northern Corridor, but his is not the case. Middle Corridor has been established for 10 years. As an association we have been created for 6 years. Middle Corridor is a continuation of the new Silk Way and is a multimodal corridor ," Secretary General said.

He noted that goods are transported mainly by rail in the Northern Corridor, but transport is quite different in this corridor.Cargo transported in the Middle Corridor passes through 3 seas.

"As soon as the crisis started, we were appliedd by various countries from the East and West of Europe. Our route expanded even more. 2022 once again emphasized the importance of the Middle Corridor," he added.

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