Sergey Markov: Azerbaijan has built excellent relations with all major geopolitical forces

Azerbaijan is moving forward very successfully in many directions, Russian public figure, political scientist, director of the Institute of Political Studies Sergey Markov told  

The expert noted that Azerbaijan has managed to heal all the wounds of war and unrest occurred in the early 90s.

"We all remember the People's Front and the others. Instead of chaos, the country now has a solid stable political system and President Ilham Aliyev, who enjoys great authority and respect among the population".  

Moreover, the political scientist stresses the rapid economic development of the country during the period of independence.

"The economic growth in Azerbaijan in some years, in general, reached an astounding more than 20 percent a year. This all happens on the basis of wise state decisions that have been made with regard to oil and gas. So now the revenues from Azerbaijani oil and gas do not go to transnational corporations, as in many countries of the world, but first of all to the budget of Azerbaijan."

"In addition to adjusting the country's economy, political will is also necessary for its prosperity and peaceful coexistence with all neighbors and partners," he said.

The expert believes that Azerbaijan has also succeeded in this matter.

"An important component is also that Azerbaijan has built excellent relations with all major geopolitical forces. The elections in Azerbaijan, for example, are recognized as fair and just by Russia and its allies on the one hand, as well as by the US and the European Union on the other.

The ability to balance and find good relations with different political forces is also a feature of Azerbaijan's flexibility, national culture, as well as the leadership of Azerbaijan, in particular the great diplomatic talent of President Ilham Aliyev. And we are proud that in many respects he received his diplomatic talent thanks to his studies and work at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.        

Besides, Azerbaijan has been building relations with such international organizations as OIC, the Council of Turkic Speaking States, CIS, and EURAZES very successfully. And this ability to harmoniously fit in the work of various structures in the international arena significantly strengthens Azerbaijan's authority," the expert concluded.


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