Azerbaijan launches drinking water supply to Shusha city (PHOTO)

The supplies of drinking water to Shusha city, liberated from the Armenian occupation by the Azerbaijani troops under the leadership of President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev, were launched, Azersu OJSC said on Friday. 

In accordance with the Azerbaijani president’s special order, vital infrastructure, including water supply systems, is being restored in the liberated territories, including Shusha.

In this regard, a group of Azersu specialists was sent to Shusha city and other liberated districts. The specialists explored the current state of water sources, trunk lines, storage facilities and distribution networks.

After the liberation of Shusha, the supply of drinking water to the city was completely stopped as when leaving the city, the Armenians disabled the main water pipeline that supplied Shusha with drinking water. Specialists explored the city to solve the problem of drinking water in Shusha.

The water supply system of Dashalti village was initially explored. As a result of the inspection, breakage in the water supply system was eliminated and water supply to the village was ensured on November 12. At the same time, an appropriate facility was created in Dashalti village for the temporary supply of water to Shusha.

Also, together with the relevant departments of the Ministry of Defense, the technical condition of the Kichik Kirs-Shusha main water pipeline with a diameter of 325 mm was inspected.

As a result of shelling during the hostilities, major breakage occurred at 12 sections of the main water pipeline, which consists of 9.4 km of steel pipes, through which drinking water is supplied to the city.

Azersu OJSC also sent additional engineers to Shusha.

A road was laid along the entire route of the pipeline for the unhindered use of the equipment in the restoration work.

The supply of drinking water to Shusha was restored after the repair on Nov. 25.

Bahadur Kangarli, head of the design and construction department of Azersu OJSC, was sent to Shusha and informed about the work conducted in the city.

Kangarli said that the sections of the internal distribution network of Shusha city, damaged as a result of explosions of shells, are being repaired.

“Hydraulic operations are underway in the network,” head of the department added.

Also, along with the repair of the main pipeline, corresponding work was carried out at the water intake facility located at the foot of the Kichik Kirs mountain at an altitude of 1,580 meters above the sea level and the volume of water supplied to the city from the source was increased.

It is also planned to take measures to restore another source of drinking water and the main pipeline feeding Shusha city.


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