Turkey’s “Bayraktar” played exceptional role in Azerbaijan’s success - President

Erdogan's Turkey today is an example for the whole world, an example of independence, perseverance, courage, and development. Several documents signed today will provide Azerbaijan with the products of Turkey’s developed industry. The documents signed today hold a humble place among the documents signed in recent years, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said on Thursday.

The head of state made the remarks at a joint news conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Baku.

“The famous “Bayraktar”, a product of the Turkish defense industry, has brought about great changes and played an exceptional role in our success. The whole world once again became a witness of the intelligence and talent of the Turkish people, was further convinced that Turkey has developed industry,” President Aliyev said. 

“It is a historic day today because Turkish and Azerbaijani soldiers walked shoulder to shoulder along Azadlig Square in this Victory parade. Not only Baku but also all our cities are decorated with the flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan today. This was also the case before. Of course, this took on even broader proportions during the war. These are the feelings coming from people’s hearts. This is an asset we have cherished for centuries. Our advantage is that both peoples and leaders are next to each other, calling each other brothers. At the same time, we are together in all matters. We were together on both difficult and joyful, wonderful days, like today, and this is natural,” the head of state added. 


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