Terrorist acts committed by Armenia in the territories of Azerbaijan are absolutely unacceptable - Political scientist

“Armenia continues to commit crimes against Azerbaijan. As a result of the continuation of these crimes, our civilians, police officers, and soldiers are martyred,” Azerbaijani political scientist Tural Ismayılov told News.az.

Political scientist noted that unfortunately, some foreign circles, who feel that they are obliged to politically manipulate the Armenian-origin citizens of Azerbaijan living in Khankandi, have not raised their voices against the mine terrorism carried out against Azerbaijan: “After the 44-day Patriotic War, mine terrorism has become more systematic and more terrible. The fact that so many Azerbaijani citizens fell victim to Armenia's terror in one night is a matter that should concern the whole world."

"During the 30-year occupation of our lands, we always extended a hand of peace to Armenia and never considered war as the main option. At the same time, we have repeatedly appealed to the state that occupied our lands for peace in the post-war period. Azerbaijan sent a 5-point peace proposal to Armenia. However, Armenia shows a disingenuous attitude to these calls of Azerbaijan. Multi-vector terrorist incidents carried out by the Armenian authorities in the territories of Azerbaijan are absolutely unacceptable. All this shows that Armenia is preparing for the next war in the region and is trying to deliberately aggravate the situation. For days, the non-silence of weapons at the conventional borders, the killing of our Azerbaijani citizens by mine terrorism, and the transformation of Armenia's ethnically neo-fascist policy into a state ideology, that does not conform to world laws, threaten the entire region. This makes it necessary for Armenia to receive a decent response," Tural Ismayilov said.

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