The role of protection of public and state interests in building a democratic society  (ANALYTICS)

The preservation and development of each nation and society is related to a number of fundamental factors of a systematic nature. Protection of public and state interests has a special place among these factors.

Protection of public and state interests is one of the most important conditions of the modern era. This is one of the important issues facing every citizen, and regardless of who they are, every citizen must defend the interests of the state and the public, and work to strengthen the state and statehood.

The main institutional mechanism that ensures the protection of public and state interests is the national state. The power of national states depends on the management strategy implemented in the country, in other words, the course of domestic and foreign policy. From this point of view, the national states that implement the management strategy on the basis of rational and pragmatic principles and criteria achieve a high level of socio-political stability.

The perfect unity of the interests of the state and society in Azerbaijan is being improved within the framework of the idea of Azerbaijanism formed by the national leader Heydar Aliyev. The concept which put forward by the National Leader played the role of a necessary, strong ground uniting all Azerbaijanis as the unity of state, society and individual spiritual interests. On the basis of this, the principle "the people should not be for the state, but the state should be for the people" is implemented in the modern legal and nation-state building policy.

The main factor underlying the stability that prevails in Azerbaijan and has a consistent character is that the policies implemented by the powers fully respond to national interests and national interests.

Against the background of the rational strategic course implemented under the leadership of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, the unity of the state and the people has been ensured, and this unity has contributed to the protection of national interests.

A clear example of this is the 44-day Patriotic War. The state and people of Azerbaijan joined hands and won the victory in the Patriotic war against the invaders and restored territorial integrity. During the war, society protected state interests, and the government protected public interests. The views of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, "The basis of Azerbaijan's policy is the state interests, people-power unity" can be considered as a logical explanation of the mentioned points.

One of the strategic factors that make important contributions to the protection of public and state interests in the country is the achievement of important achievements in the direction of democratic development, including the provision of all freedoms. The multi-directional reforms carried out in the country make important contributions to the improvement of the political system.

Economic and political reforms in Azerbaijan are carried out in parallel and complement each other. Today, it is possible to say with certainty that Azerbaijan, which faced a number of serious difficulties in the first years of its independence, has reached its main goals in both the economic and political spheres in a short period of time. Achieving the building of a free, democratic society is valued as one of the greatest successes achieved by the country during the years of independence.

Strategically important measures that serve to ensure dynamic economic development are also important in terms of protecting public and state interests.

Today, Azerbaijan occupies one of the leading places among the countries where socio-political stability is ensured at a high level. This, as we mentioned, requires the provision of public and state interests.

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