There was no Armenian rule in Iravan until 1918 - German researcher

There was no Armenian rule in Iravan until 1918, Dr. Michael Reinhard Hess, a German researcher, said in a letter addressed to Spiegel magazine, News.Az reports.

The German researcher crushed the anti-Azerbaijani slanderous podcast distributed by the magazine with the given facts and arguments.

Among the magazine’s podcasts on international topics under the heading “8 billion”, host Olaf Heuser presented another podcast on Azerbaijani-Armenian relations on January 14 ( ). The 33-minute report completely distorted the truth, it reflected exclusively the Armenian position.

Having made an excursion into the history of the Safavid state (1501-1736), Hess emphasized that at that time there was the Iravan Baylarbays and the majority of its inhabitants consisted of Azerbaijani-speaking Muslims.

Presenting the existence of the Iravan Khanate in the 18th century and its liquidation by Russia in 1828 as a fact, Hess wrote that “the first ever transfer of Iravan city under the control of the Armenian Ararat Republic occurred on May 28, 1918. The historical and legal legitimacy of this issue is being questioned by Azerbaijan. All this proves that there was no Armenian rule in Iravan, and the designation of these territories as Western Azerbaijan is quite logical.”

In conclusion, Hess called German journalists not to talk about a topic they have no idea about.


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