Traces of Azerbaijan in Iravan deliberately erased: Turkish professor

The traces of Azerbaijan in Iravan have been deliberately erased by Armenia, said Yildiz Deveci Bozkus, Professor at Ankara University.

Speaking at an international conference, themed “Enabling the safe and dignified return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia: Global context and just solution”, in Baku, the Turkish professor pointed out that the materials of foreign sources about the Iravan Khanate do not provide information about the Armenians.

When we get acquainted with the materials of foreign sources, including Russian, French, and Ottoman sources, about the Iravan Khanate, we see that they do not contain information about the Armenians. Examples include Russian, French and Ottoman sources.

She noted that the traces of Azerbaijan in Iravan have been deliberately erased, and out of 12 mosques in the city, only one remained.

“The geopolitical and geo-economic power of Azerbaijan is strengthening day by day. Western states should also support the dignified return of Western Azerbaijanis to their native lands,” the Turkish professor added.


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