Tural Ganjaliyev: Anti-Azerbaijani resolution US congressmen intends to pass has no grounds

A resolution, which the US congressmen intend to pass against Azerbaijan, has no ground, said Tural Ganjaliyev, Head of the Azerbaijani Community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

Ganjaliyev noted that failing on the front line, the Armenian side, having bribed the US congressmen, wants the resolution to be adopted against Azerbaijan.

He called on the Azerbaijani Diaspora of the US to protest and prevent the adoption of this resolution.

“I appeal to the representatives of the Azerbaijani Diaspora to protest against this resolution by sending letters of protest. Azerbaijan is liberating its lands from occupation within the framework of international laws,” the community head emphasized. “Nobody can deprive us of this right. They will not achieve anything by adopting the resolution 1165. The US has recognized Karabakh and the surrounding districts as the territory of Azerbaijan. Therefore, this resolution has no real ground.”


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