Turkey calls Armenia’s Eastern Mediterranean remarks ‘a new example of irresponsibility’

The Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized Armenia's remarks on the Eastern Mediterranean, Daily Sabah reports. 

"We see that Armenia, which attempts to present an opinion on the Eastern Mediterranean, is in fundamental error about world geography and its place in this geography. The issue here is not Lake Sevan, but the Eastern Mediterranean," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy.

After Armenia's provocative statement about the Treaty of Sevres, its opinion on the Eastern Mediterranean is "a new example of irresponsibility and without limits," Aksoy added.

Aksoy said it reveals "the insidious alliance against Turkey that landlocked Armenia thinks it has the right to speak on the region," after the United Arab Emirates and France.

"No matter what happens, Turkey will protect its rights and the rights of Turkish Cypriots in the eastern Mediterranean stemming from international law. No alliance of evil can afford to prevent that. Those who think otherwise have not learned anything from history," he added.

He also stressed that Turkey stands by its brother Azerbaijan by all means.


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