Turkish Baykar Technology, Kuwait's MoD sign contract on supply of drones

The Turkish Baykar Technology company and the Ministry of Defense of Kuwait have signed an agreement, News.az reports.

"The Baykar company won a competition with leading firms from the US, Europe, and China, in the (bidding) process going on since 2019," the company said.

A $370-million contract with the Kuwait Defense Ministry was signed to export Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles, which proved themselves at the international level.

The time frame and the amount of drones that will be delivered to Kuwait, were not disclosed.

The company added that the number of countries that signed contracts for Bayraktar TB2 has reached 28.

International demand for Baykar's TB2 drones soared after they were featured in conflicts in Syria, Libya, and interest in them increased further following their use in the Ukraine conflict.

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