Türkiye freezes assets of 11 individuals linked to terrorist organizations

The Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance has frozen the assets of 11 individuals in the country linked to terrorist organizations such as PKK/KCK, Daesh/ISIS, DHKP-C, and TKP-M, News.Az reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

The ministry's asset freezing decision was published in the Official Gazette on Wednesday and has taken effect.

The decision was made under the "Law on the Prevention of Financing of Terrorism" and was based on solid grounds that they were involved in channeling funds to terrorist organizations.

In its more than 35-year terror campaign against Türkiye, the PKK — listed as a terrorist organization by Türkiye, the US, and EU — has been responsible for the deaths of more than 40,000 people, including women, children, and infants. The YPG is its Syrian branch.

Ankara became one of the first countries to declare Daesh/ISIS a terror organization. Türkiye has since been attacked by the terror group multiple times, with more than 300 victims killed and hundreds more injured in at least 10 suicide bombings, seven bomb attacks and four armed attacks.

DHKP-C and TKP-M are also banned in the country for their terror activities.


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