Türkiye’s Kars hosts commemorative event dedicated to 33rd anniversary of January 20 tragedy

The Consulate General of Azerbaijan in the Turkish city of Kars held a commemorative event dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the January 20 tragedy.

The event was declared open after the national anthems of Azerbaijan and Türkiye were sounded, the Consulate General told News.Az.

The event participants first viewed an exhibition depicting the horrors of the January 20 tragedy.

Azerbaijan’s Consul General Nuru Aliyev, Kars Governor Turker Oksuz and Associate Professor at Kafkas University Yasar Kop in their speeches spoke about the goals and reasons for the crime committed against Azerbaijan by the leadership of the former Soviet Union 33 years ago.

It was noted that the crime committed against the civilian population on the night of January 19-20, 1990, is an aggression not only against a nation but also against human values and human rights. The speakers stressed that the people of Azerbaijan steadfastly stood up to these cruelties and did not break and took to the streets to defend their freedom and rights. The events of January 20 are also considered a heroic page of Azerbaijan’s history.


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