UEFA president extends congratulations to Azerbaijani president

UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin congratulated Ilham Aliyev on his re-election as President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, News.Az reports.

“On behalf of European football community, I would like to warmly congratulate you upon your re-election as President of the Republic of Azerbaijan,” the UEFA president said in his congratulatory letter.

“A repeat victory is perhaps the best proof of how much confidence and trust the Azerbaijani people have in you. Under your leadership, Azerbaijan has seen a remarkable progress in diverse areas of society, including sports and football. I would like to express my gratitude for the careful attention you pay to our beautiful game and, also, remember the genuine excitement everyone felt when Baku hosted its deciding matches during the UEFA EURO 2020,” he noted.

Čeferin added: “As you may know, the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan joined UEFA in 1994 - an amazing 30 years ago - and thanks to a combination of government support and national association hard work, football at all levels in Azerbaijan is developing consistently and strategically. Football infrastructure is improving and providing new access to the game. Club performance is increasingly regular at the European level - and, so, there is much to be proud of and much to hope for in the future.

Please accept my best wishes. Mr. President, as you continue your leadership of this incredibly special country and people - and may football remain close to your heart!”


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